Using Antique Vanity Furniture in the Bathroom

Antique vanities such as cabinets can give your bathroom a truly classic and unique look. It does not matter if the vanity is a reproduction or the real thing. They make great home improvements for your bathroom and toilet. When designing or decorating a bathroom, most people think in terms of tiles, shower enclosures, or toilets. It would be a great idea to try to incorporate vintage antique vanity furniture into the decorating design and possibilities that go beyond what is normally expected in a bathroom and toilet.

Even with modern designers and homeowners today, there is a changing trend towards the way bathroom designs are viewed. Bathrooms and toilets are not just small rooms where to bathe or to do your thing. It also becomes a reflection of the owner’s decorative style and taste. For example, there are two basic ways that furniture can be used in bath spaces: plumbed and freestanding. With plumbed pieces, furniture is converted for use as part of the bathroom’s water system. Antique bureaus and desks can be reworked to serve as the bathroom vanity, providing a uniquely stylish sink stand.

Antique vanity furniture for bathrooms can also be found in unusual objects you might stumble on out in the countryside, flea markets, or your local antique furniture stores. For instance, it can be an old horse trough, an old stone baptismal font, a rustic wood cabinet, or an old aluminum outdoor sink. The easiest antique vanity furniture to convert is still cabinets and chests. When using antique vanities for the bathroom though, make sure that they are still suitable for conversion to plumbing. Consider always strength and durability. For instance, take note if an old vintage cabinet is still strong enough to hold the sink, faucets, water, and of course, the plumbing.

For homeowners who want the look of vintage furniture in their baths without the commitment of reworking any plumbing, freestanding pieces offer endless design variety. Elegant armoires can be used for towel storage, while painted, “shabby chic” bookshelves offer a great option for stashing toiletries and bathtub reading material. Designers often encourage homeowners to think creatively when considering how to bring vintage pieces into a bathroom. For example, two mirrored doors from an antique wardrobe that was otherwise destroyed in a fire and later found in a flea market can be mounted side by side on the powder room walls.

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