The Benefits of Using Solar Energy for the Home

With the rising costs of energy consumption especially with electricity, homeowners can now reduce their electricity energy costs with the energy generated by solar energy. Unlike most unproven sources of renewable energy, solar power can provide homes with the energy that can meet the daily energy requirements of any home.

For the home solar panels being used by present solar energy technology, there are four types currently being used:

  • Mono Crystalline
  • Poly Crystalline
  • Thin Film Amorphous
  • Hybrid

Of these four solar panels, the Mono Crystalline has the best feature, providing a module efficiency of 25% and excellent utilization of space.

Examples of usage of this technology is the adaption of American solar power companies of the above mentioned panels because of the guarantee that they are getting quality solar panels that meet the standards provided by the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Aside from using mono crystalline cells, home solar panels also use a double coated aluminum alloy and 200kg bearing tempered glass.

The various benefits offered by solar energy are:

Reduction of Carbon Footprints

Using solar energy means a reduction of carbon footprints through the reduction of CO2 emissions used by coal powered generators and the amount of water used by power stations. Solar energy gives off no emissions or uses no water when generating power.

Savings on Energy Bills

Professionally installed solar panels are a very cost effective investment. Once installed, you can begin generating electricity to supply your home. If you use solar power, you can gain extra income through a ‘return’ generated by feed-in tariffs, i.e. selling your excess power back into the electricity grid.

Use of Clean and Renewable Energy

Solar power is clean energy and does not harm the environment. It does not emit CO2 in the atmosphere unlike with coal, gas, and geothermal power plants that contribute to pollution. Since using solar power does not require other resources to generate electricity, it does not add to the reduction in resource supplies and it is energy that can never run out.

Low Maintenance

Of all alternative energy sources, solar power has the lowest maintenance system. Home solar panels do not have moving parts that will fail or break, or contain turbines and bearings to maintain. And another advantage you can benefit from is that home solar panels are very durable. These panels usually have a warranty of 5-10 years with a 25-year power performance guarantee. Once they are installed, all you have to do is watch them generate electricity day after day.

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The Importance of Outlets and Switches for Home Safety and Improvement

How important are outlets and switches in a home? While we need electricity to power our lights and power our electrical appliances, outlets and switches play a key role in distributing the electrical circuit all around a home and in terms of circuit breakers during emergencies. Naturally, any home’s electricity starts with the electrical service connection. From the electricity provider to the feeder wires to the power pole and meter, the electrical contractor plays a key role in installing and connecting all your outlets and switches.

The importance of this is quite simple; electricity to light your home is useless if you cannot switch on or turn off your lights. Likewise, electricity to power your appliances is useless if you do not have outlets to plug in and get power. A good professional electrician will always provide an accessible disconnect switch outside of the house. This switch is usually close to a power pole or the meter in case of emergencies. The disconnect switch is meant to shut off power from outside a home in case of a fire or flash flood instead of entering a burning or flooded house.

Another alternative is to set up a transfer switch also near the meter or power pole to facilitate switching between live power and generator backup power. Although a very simple and basic task, the correct breaker and fuse panel should be installed in a home. The breaker is the first line of defense should it be necessary for the breaker to trip to prevent the main service wires from overloads. Otherwise, the wires would heat up and transfer extreme heat to outlets and switches that may cause a fire. Switches are necessary to turn on and off lights and other electrical items in a house.

The types and number of switches will, of course, be determined by the number of lights and electrical items that need switches.  Electrical outlets are important for portable appliances to plug into in order to obtain electricity for the device to operate. Televisions, computers, toasters, vacuum cleaners, and refrigerators are just a few examples. Some sources of light such as reading lamps need to be plugged before being switched on.  All outlets, regardless of whether in a small or large home, contain a hot, a neutral, and a ground terminal. Some outlets can be used for wet areas while other outlets cannot.

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Don’t Ever Do These Home Improvement Mistakes

Don’t Be Color Blind

Many people love color but are afraid to use it. Try a paint color in the room to make sure you like it and that it works with the space. Observe the color at various times of the day as a painted wall will appear different in the morning, afternoon, and at night. If you don’t like it, paint over it. Color is a great punctuation and doesn’t have to be overbearing.

Too Many Knickknacks

Too much accessories and knickknacks is just like having too many decorations in a home. Rotate what you have, and if you really like something but it’s been out for a while, store it for a bit. You don’t have to have it all out at once and every surface should not be covered. Edit your collections so they look good as a small grouping.

Pillow Overload

If the pillows actually hinder being able to sit on a couch or lie comfortably on a bed, then it’s obviously too much. Instead of buying so many pillows, spend your time, energy, and money decorating an area of the room you’re actually looking at when sitting in bed.

Fake Flowers

This is a controversial topic, but fake flowers and plants are a mistake. They gather dust and don’t bring life into your home like real flowers, which look and smell better. Fresh flowers are expensive, but there are other things you can do instead of buying them all the time. Put lemons or other fruit in a bowl for a punch of color. You can also use some dried natural material like curly willow or bamboo stalks for a fresh look.

Furniture Up Against the Wall

Get the furniture off the walls and bring it to the center of the room. Sometimes the backs of furniture are beautiful, and a sofa with a console table behind it is a great place for a gorgeous display. Make it communal and create a focal point as this will enlarge the living room space.

Ignoring Windows

Besides paint, window treatments are the easiest and least expensive way to change the look of a room. A good rule of thumb is to hang curtains two inches above the frame of the window. If you have high ceilings, hang them all the way up to the ceiling to make the room seem bigger.

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