Maintaining Storage Sanity in Your Home

With a few simple and fun storage projects and ideas, DIY style, you can turn parts of your home especially the kitchen and pantry area into an oasis of order where everything is at your practical fingertips.

Small drawers

You can get a lot of things into a small space with the use of drawers. All items are within easy reach when you can just slide them forward. Whether you need only one or two drawers or a whole stack, there are styles to ?t every design. Wire works well for items that need air circulation, such as potatoes and onions, and baskets keep things looking neat and pretty.

Use pretty colors on the walls

The ultimate pantry must be practical and functional, but it can still be pretty. Don’t hesitate to paint the walls a cheery color or cover them with boldly printed paper. Sure, even hang a chandelier. Why not? The effort won’t be wasted. Think about the number of times you open the pantry door each day. Between your well-organized supplies and your attractively appointed pantry, your time spent preparing meals will be much happier.

Square containers

Consider your containers carefully when you’re organizing dry goods. Square containers are more space ef?cient than round ones. Use containers with the same-size footprint so it’s easy to stack them on top of one another to make the most effective use of your vertical space.

Shoe organizer

Hang a colorful shoe organizer on the back of your pantry door to capitalize on that underutilized space. It’s a perfect place to put spices, seasoning envelopes, or bags of beans and rice. Label each pocket with letter-stamped clothespins, and you’ll have the ?exibility to change where things live on a whim.

T-Molding glass holders

T-molding is typically used for flooring, but with minimal effort, you can use it to hang a lot of wineglasses in a small space. Simply cut the molding to the depth of your cabinet shelves, predrill screw holes, and secure. Proper spacing will allow your glasses to slide in and out easily.

CD Holder lid storage

Have a few old CD holders lying around? Move them to the kitchen. Organize your plastic containers by laying a wire CD holder in a drawer and storing the lids upright in the slots. You don’t have old CD holders? You may be able to score a few cheaply at a secondhand store.

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