Is It Time for Your Home to Go Solar?

It’s Cheaper Now

When the idea of solar energy first became practical and usable technology in the 1990’s, even up to the early 2000’s, it was expensive to use solar rechargeable batteries. Today, the cost of installing and using a solar power system is down from 50 to 70 percent, depending on where the system is manufactured. Since a typical home solar system runs from 3kW to 7kW, the average household can recoup its upfront energy in 7 years. In some areas where there is more sunshine and more solar energy used, after 7 years the electric grid is often replaced by the solar battery.

Technology has made solar energy system more compact

Unlike in the past, all you need now is around 100 square feet for all your mounted panels, the inverter, the converter battery, and the monitoring system. This is then tied in to the electric grid.

The government will now lend a helping hand

At the start of President Obama’s presidency, the federal government is now offering a tax credit write off up to 30 percent when you install a solar energy system. Some state financing is offering home-equity loans or low-cost solar loans. Federal incentives are further offered such as energy rebates, sales or property tax exemptions from the state or local electric utility.

You can now rent

Some solar companies now offer solar energy system rentals. With the solar lease, you only pay a fixed monthly rental, and with the fast recoup of upfront electric energy, in some instances the electric grid you only consume on a minimal basis may actually pay for your solar lease. Part of the contract for solar lease insures that the system is maintained and repaired by the installer.

Naturally, you never leave the grid

Your system is still tied to the grid, so during long periods of cloudy or rainy weather, or during the winter when sunshine is weak, you can still use the grid. If your solar energy produces more electricity than you use, the excess is stored and the grid remains unused. One advantage of solar energy is in case of a power outage, and so long as there’s enough energy stored in the battery, you never run out of electricity.

Installers are all over the place and no longer expensive

With more affordable systems come more affordable installers. This is because installation of the new technology is no longer complicated compared to around 10 years ago. You can find affordable solar companies all over North America for your convenience.

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