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5 Power Tools for Faster Home Improvement

Home improvement projects can be a bit tiring if you have to rely on basic tools and your own brute strength. In fact this is a common reason that people put off or procrastinate DIY jobs. Often people are not enjoying their DIY jobs because they don’t have the right tools for the job.

This makes tasks take much longer to finish and using the wrong items can mean that jobs are not done properly. They can even lead to injuries when people try and make do with the wrong tools. Thankfully a large number of jobs around the home can be made much easier and completed much faster with power tools:

1. Electric drill

Most keen homeowners already have an electric drill, but if you don’t have one then it’s time to invest. A drill allows you to drill holes for cupboards, put up shelves, and hang paintings.

2. Electric sander

Wooden surfaces, banisters and balustrades can be revamped and rejuvenated with a bit of sanding and a fresh coat of paint or varnish, but this is a tough task when done by hand. Instead use an electric sander to quickly and easily polish your woodwork and to achieve a fantastic, smooth finish.

3. Pressure washer

If you have wooden decking or stone patios it can be a real nightmare getting the grime, moss and dirt off these surfaces. Not so with a pressure washer though, which will blast off any surface muck quickly and is quite fun to use. This is a power tool that you will certainly find useful.

4. Power saw

Sawing wood is another arduous task that is hard physical work, as well as a job that can take a long time. However, if you buy a power saw you can buzz through planks and logs like knife through butter.

5. Nail gun

A nail gun is another excellent power tool which cuts out on the effort required to hammer nails into walls, and cuts down on you whacking your thumb with the hammer. This is a very handy tool that makes many DIY chores much easier.

If your home improvement isn’t going well, consider whether the tools that you’re using are the most suitable ones. If not, get your hands on some power tools and take care of business much more efficiently, more quickly and more safely. These tools are well worth the investment as over the years they will save you huge amounts of time, energy, and sore thumbs.


The Correct Roofing Materials Will Help Save Energy

Saving energy is a priority for most homeowners. Many save energy naturally to reduce costs. However, if you are a homeowner who wants to spend less for energy and do your part for the environment, start by making some smart decisions regarding your roof. There is nothing wrong with choosing a dark roof for aesthetic reasons. This is understandable especially for homeowners who desire beauty above savings. However, if your goal is to save energy, you have to do without dark roofing.

Choose light-coloured roofing instead. Since there are many attractive light roofing options, you get to hit two birds with one stone, that is, you get a stylish roof that is also energy efficient. By choosing white roofing, you can reduce the amount of sun’s heat that filters through your ceiling by 50 percent. Imagine how much savings you’ll have in terms of energy costs.

Choose metal

Metal is a great material for roofing because it is sustainable, lasts longer and can add to the value of one’s home. It is also made more appealing by the fact that metal effectively shields solar energy and heat. If you are going to choose metal to save energy, go for white metal for better energy efficiency.

Consider other eco-friendly roofing options

There are other eco-friendly roofing options worth considering that will also help you cut energy costs. Materials you should consider for your energy efficient roof include wood, slate, and fibre cement. If your house is made of stucco or concrete, or if your home has a strong enough foundation to carry a heavy load, think about having clay or terra cotta tiles. Made from sustainable materials but not as porous, they do not absorb too much heat. If you do go for terra cotta roofing, it would be best for you to select the s-shaped or half barrel variety. The raised arch allows air to circulate and thus keeps homes cooler.


Before you proceed with having newer and more energy efficient roofing installed, take a look at your insulation first. It is possible that you are spending more money to cool your home because your existing insulation is not doing its job. If you are on a budget and cannot afford a new roof at this point, know that you can still save energy by changing your insulation.

Roof coating

If you’re on a tight budget, settle for a roof coating now to save energy. The right coating for your roof can help your home.

Remodeling and Improving Your Bathroom on a Tight Budget

If you think all bathroom remodeling are expensive and time consuming, even if your budget and availability won’t allow you to completely overhaul your bathroom, there are plenty of small projects you can complete in a weekend that make a big difference.

Re-facing the Bathroom Cabinets

Re-facing is essentially a fancy way of saying sanding and re-painting. If you don’t have the budget or time to rip out your bathroom cabinets, painting them is a great way to update the space. If you compare the cost of replacing the existing vanity to simply painting the cabinets and replacing the hardware, the difference in time and budget is extreme. It usually costs $1,800 for replacing the plumbing and cabinetry and would make the bathroom inoperable for 10-12 days.

By re-facing the cabinets, you get to spend only $250, including a bottle of liquid sander, two gallons of paint and new brushed nickel hardware. However, if you plan on re-veneering the doors, that is absolutely the domain of a contractor or tradesperson. They use special heat presses to adhere the veneer. Expect a project like the one outlined above to take two to three days.

Install Tile Floors

While ripping out your floors and putting down new ones might seem like a huge affair, installing tile in a small area can most definitely be done in a weekend. A tile floor will ultimately get you the most return for your investment. That’s because unlike most other floors, tile adds residual value since it’s a permanent fixture and doesn’t need much maintenance. However, do your research first, and if this project sounds like a DIY nightmare, the pros can usually complete this project for you in just a couple of days, depending on the size of your bathroom and the tiles you select. Expect to pay between $5 to $15 per square foot.

Change the Hardware

Changing out your cabinet hardware and plumbing fixtures is a great way to give a quick update to any bathroom. Hardware and plumbing fixture pieces can be found at all price levels, but if you only have a few pieces to change out, it may be worth the splurge. Depending on the fixtures you select, this project could cost anywhere from $75 to $600.

If you have a 4 inch widespread faucet – where the knobs are separate from the faucet – you will want to purchase a similar replacement model to prevent you from having to re-drill and replace your countertop. To get started, turn off all water sources before removing the old faucet and accessories. Then, you’ll simply replace the old hardware with the new hardware. You can finish these in a day to a few days.

Replace the Mirror

This seems like such a small step, but updating the vanity mirror is one of the best ways to give your bathroom a makeover without having to replace everything. You can do it in just two days. Mirrors typically run between $50 to $300. When looking for a replacement mirror, don’t be afraid to look for mirrors at home decor stores.