3 Clever Bathroom Ideas for Storage

When it comes to the subject of bathrooms no house is without one. However it does make it easier if you can find a way to avoid all the clutter. Unlike a desk, a cluttered bathroom is not the sign of a genius mind at work. So how do you clean up the bathroom and take control of this clutter once and for all? Here are three top tips that are keeping bathrooms everywhere uncluttered and fully functional. Regardless if you need these tips now or in the future you will be amazed at the amount of space you can add to any bathroom.

When you select your vanity, find one with as much storage space as you can.

Keep in mind that it has to fit in your bathroom. So, you will have to customize the vanity to the shape and size of your overall bathroom layout. By selecting the correct vanity you are able to store things under and around the sink. Things like toilet paper, hand soap, powder, toothpaste, razors, and cream can all be stocked away here. They will be out of sight to your visitors but close by when your family needs them. If you are fortunate to find a vanity that is like an armoire you can make it look and feel very homey.

Use the surrounding wall as storage space

A crate shelf is a great way for this. These units are easy to manage and they are not very deep. A bathroom shower sponge, shower gels, back brushes and more can be stored in these crates with ease. Because of their design they help to take away the clutter of the bathroom. By getting a medicine chest or something for over the sink you are making the most of that space. Both of these suggestions are easy to find and very cost effective.

A linen closet

Let’s face facts that storing things like wash clothes and bath towels in all shapes, sizes and colors is not an easy chore. A linen closet takes the stress out of storing these items with ease. The use of a closet helps to keep the linens clean and dry. No need to worry about linens slipping off the rack or falling to the wet floor as you are stepping out of the bath or shower. Having a linen closet close by provides peace of mind. You can always see how many clean towels and bath items you have on hand.  If you have not added a linen closet, now is the time to do so. Use these 3 simple tips to improve the storage in your bathroom.

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